Here are some random questions and their answer.

Frequently asked questions.

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Q1: What is cfake mail?

A: Cfake mail is fake mail providing website that provides email for free. For your personal use of your company use.

Q2: Why do I need temporary mail?

A: Sometimes, you have to randomly try some of the websites, but you don't want to use your real mail due to spamming.

That way, you can use the temporary email address.

Q3: Why am I not receiving my mail?

A: sometimes server has too much traffic. That's why it works slow.

Q4: how much time the email will on the server?

A: server keeps your email for two days; after two days, the email will be deleted.

Q5: Can I use fake mail to create an Instagram account?

A: yes! You can use fake mail to create an Instagram account.