What is cfakemail and what is its benefits?

Cfake mail is PHP based website that provides you with temporary disposable emails for your daily use.

Sometimes we need to create accounts on some of the websites we don't know.

And we are not able to create an account with our real mail account because of spamming emails.

Sometimes we create an account on a website and the website keeps sending us emails which we don't want.

Now you can use our temporary mail service to keep your real account safe from spamming.

just while creating an account you have to get an email from CfakeMail and put it in the field of the email box then click on the signup button after that you will receive the confirmation email in the cfake mail inbox of mail.

That's the major benefit of using the cfakemail website.

On the other hand, this is a fast website that will make your work fast and safe.


We make sure that you are using a safe website.

It automatically deletes all your received mails after 2 days.

The administration of cfake mail also doesn't know which exactly email you are using.

We also don't have any idea which emails you are receiving.